A quick update on what’s happening with Generic Games. Here’s I’m working on and what might be appearing from Generic Games in the nearish future:

  • I’m currently building a quickstart/early access document for a much streamlined Heavy Metal Aeons. Timing: this should be available in the next few weeks.
  • I have a mostly written game about exploring the galaxy via portals to other worlds (inspired by Stargate: SG-1, XCOM, and Band of Blades in about equal measure). This needs a major rewrite to alter the emphasis (and make it more an anti-colonial and anti-violence game). Timing: Back on this after the Heavy Metal Aeons quickstart is done.
  • Devil & the Deep, my age of sail naval adventure game inspired by the Aubrey & Maturin and Hornblower books, is rules-complete but waiting a slot for writing up a quickstart/early access document. Timing: unknown.
  • For Monster of the Week I’m working on a few game frameworks. The idea with these is to take them and use them to shape your game a particular way. The most complete is “This Strange Old House,” in which the hunters inherit a house full of secrets and dangers. You’ll explore it and find new secrets as part of your ongoing game, and ultimately you’ll have to face the great and terrible danger of the house. That’s inspired by stories like Locke & Key. I’m also working on a stone age setting (that’s just regular monster hunting, but back in neolithic times), and a “Storied Hunter Lineage” framework, where the hunters’ ancestry shapes the game and the things they will encounter. Timing: unknown.
  • The Natural Philosophers will get another revision and update, mainly focused on cleaning up the examples and process guidance. Timing: unknown.
  • I have most of a solo journalling game written, about a person wandering around a strange far future landscape. Needs some revision and another playthrough before release. Timing: unknown.

Now I just need to get back to writing them…