• Tome of Mysteries

    Tome of Mysteries

  • Actual Plays

    I’ve just added a big actual play index, as there’s a number around these days. If you’ve got a video, podcast, or tetx actual play that you’d like added to the list, let me know and I’ll add it in.

  • April 2018 Update

    This is your periodic update on what’s going on with Generic Games.

  • End of 2017 Update

    Another year coming to an end, and here’s an update on my game projects…

  • Midwinter Update

    Here’s what’s happening in the Generic Games world right now:

    • I’m in the middle of editing mysteries for the Monster of the Week mystery collection. It’s taking longer than I hoped but my priority is quality.
    • The Three Dooms extra advice document is almost done, and that will be freely available when it’s complete.
    • Next up will be a new playtest draft of Heavy Metal Æons and then final text editing and polishing to work towards a kickstarter campaign.
    • On the horizon is a playtest draft for my naval adventure game Devil & the Deep, which I’ve been working towards for 20 years now.