• Updated Reinforcements

    I’ve completed the bulk of the work on updating the extra hunter playbooks, and the Monster of the Week Reinforcements bundle has been updated with the new versions. They’re all now in the new style layout, and I’ve gone through and cleaned up the text and fixed some errata too. The Hard Case has been completely redone and now needs to build up their Fire pool through suffering, after which they can spend it for a variety of effects.

  • State of Generic Games Update

    Hello, I decided it was time for an update about the state of Generic Games (that is, me).

  • Games I Played This Year

    As we cruise in towards the end of the year, I thought I’d write up what I’ve been playing this year and let you know what I think about these games.

  • The Natural Philosophers (early access)

    I’ve just released into early access my latest game, The Natural Philosophers.

  • Zombiefest!

    Are your hunters missing out on their daily recommended number of flesh eating zombies? You can fix that with the Zombiefest Double Feature!