• Zombiefest!

    Are your hunters missing out on their daily recommended number of flesh eating zombies? You can fix that with the Zombiefest Double Feature!

  • Third Party Policy

    As this is something that’s come up a few times recently, I’ve decided to codify my policy on third party works for use with my games (which currently really just means Monster of the Week).

  • Guest Starring...

    I recently joined the folks at The Critshow to play a guest spot in their ongoing Monster of the Week game. It was great to be take part and I had a lot of fun (although I fear my crooked may not be a character they always look back on positively).

  • Tome of Mysteries Has Been Released

    The Tome of Mysteries has been released and is now available in physical form from Evil Hat Productions, or your local gamestore (soon if not now).

  • Devil & the Deep Playtest Draft

    I’ve just finished up a playtest draft of my Napoleonic naval adventure rpg. Devil & the Deep. Please take a look if you are also a fan of Patrick O’Brian, C S Forester, etc.