• Games I Played This Year

    As we cruise in towards the end of the year, I thought I’d write up what I’ve been playing this year and let you know what I think about these games.

  • The Natural Philosophers (early access)

    I’ve just released into early access my latest game, The Natural Philosophers.

  • Zombiefest!

    Are your hunters missing out on their daily recommended number of flesh eating zombies? You can fix that with the Zombiefest Double Feature!

  • Third Party Policy

    As this is something that’s come up a few times recently, I’ve decided to codify my policy on third party works for use with my games (which currently really just means Monster of the Week).

  • Guest Starring...

    I recently joined the folks at The Critshow to play a guest spot in their ongoing Monster of the Week game. It was great to be take part and I had a lot of fun (although I fear my crooked may not be a character they always look back on positively).