• Monster of the Week Hunter Playbook Template

    By popular request, here are some templates for those of you making your own hunter playbooks who would like to have them match the style of the official ones. They have some placeholder text and a few tips to get you started as well.

  • Heavy Metal Aeons Early Access Release

    Heavy Metal Aeons is now available!

  • Coming Up in 2021

    A quick update on what’s happening with Generic Games. Here’s I’m working on and what might be appearing from Generic Games in the nearish future:

  • Games Of 2020

    This is my post listing and reflecting on the games I played over the year. They’re listed in the order I played them.

  • Ceasing Official Approval Process For Third Party Works

    This is just a notice to let you all know that I’m removing the process to get the “approved by Generic Games” logo on third party works.