Monster of the Week

There are monsters out there.

Most people don’t believe in them, but they’re real. Mostly, when someone finds out that monsters are real, that’s just before they die.

But some people are mean enough, smart enough, crazy enough, or hurt enough, that they live. And some of those people go and hunt down more.

That’s who you are – someone who decided to go on a crusade against the evil critters that are scurrying around out there.

It could be that you make a stand and defend your hometown from everything evil that comes there.

It could be you take to the road and go find them.

It could be you have magic powers that help out.

It could be that your name came up in prophecies thousands of years ago.

The one sure thing is you aren’t gonna go back to your old, safe life.

What’s Going On?

Monster of the Week is an action-horror roleplaying game about hunting down evil monsters.

You can get a taste of the game by looking at the hunter playbooks in the files section.

Buying Monster of the Week

You can get the book and PDF direct from Evil Hat, plus it may be found in game stores all over the place.

The PDF is available at DriveThruRPG.

The Tome of Mysteries

Tome of Mysteries at Evil Hat Productions

More info.

The Codex of Worlds

Codex of Worlds at Evil Hat Productions

More info.


Shirts etc are available at my Redbubble store

More Stuff!

If you want to talk about stuff, check out the Monster of the Week Roadhouse MeWe community, the Monster of the Week subreddit, or the Monster of the Week forum at

If you’re on twitter, follow @MotW_rpg for news.

You can get extra monster hunter playbooks as a pay-what-you-want bundle on or on DriveThruRPG.

The Spooktacular hunter playbook is a seperate purchase, also available on or drivethruRPG.

I have free mini-supplements covering Ally Moves and Transportation options.

The Meddling Kids In: Too Many Draculas! on or on drivethruRPG which is a comedy mystery suited to a one-shot game or as a “comedy episode” in an ongoing game.

Zombiefest Double Feature on or on drivethruRPG contains two mysteries dealing with undead unpleasantness during a metal festival.

There’s a Monster of the Week category on drivethruRPG where you can find all kinds of neat stuff.

Marek Golonka has written some mysteries that you can find on DriveThruRPG.

Other Languages

Portuguese: by Luiz Borges Monstro da Semana

An Italian edition by Narrativa Il Mostro della Settimana is no longer in print.

French: by Studio Deadcrows Monster of the Week

Spanish: by Cursed Ink Monster of the Week

Polish: by Gramel Potwór Tygodnia

Catalan: by MaquiEdicions El monstre de la setmana

Czech: by Casa De Locos Příšera týdne

German: fan-translated play materials


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Actual Play & Streams

Actual Play Reports


  • Q: Do I need a copy of Apocalypse World to play Monster of the Week?

    A: No, Monster of the Week is a stand-alone game. The mechanics are based on Apocalypse World, but you won’t need a copy.

  • Q: Where can I get a copy of the handouts?

    A: In the files section.

Errata (revised edition)

  • Countdowns: “Dusk” should come after “Sunset” (by definition, which I didn’t realise back then). Switch these two elements of your countdowns, so they go Day, Shadows, Sunset, Dusk, Nightfall, Midnight.
  • Looks (all hunter playbooks): All hunters may write in their own choice as well as the listed options. The lists are not intended to be exclusionary, but inspirational. If you have your own better idea, please use that.
  • Advanced Improvements: All hunters should have a single “Get back one used Luck mark” as one of their advanced improvements. The Mundane is unchanged, with two of these in their advanced list.
  • Crooked weapons (page 39): The submachinegun and assault rifle should have “area” tags, not “auto.”
  • Hold example (page 100): The example mentions gaining 3 hold from an investigate a mystery result, which is not normally possible.
  • Dice roll example (page 99): There’s a typo in the example. 1 + 2 + 5 is 8, not 9. Still a partial success in the example.
  • Before You Get Started/Moves (page 25): Final section, typo. Should be “…it will tell you what to do next.”

Errata (first edition)

  • Manipulate Someone (page 61, Hunter Reference Sheet): The text for manipulate someone is not consistent between the discussion in the hunter and keeper sections and the hunter reference sheet. The canonical text change is for the 10+ result for bystanders, which should read: “If you get 10+, then they’ll do it for the reason you gave them.” There’s an updated hunter reference sheet in the files section here.