We’ve just made some updates to the hunter playbooks to make them more inclusive.

I have to apologise for how they were–it was never my intention for them to be exclusionary in any way. The looks, however, included language that had that effect. I’m sorry about that.

We’e revised the playbooks to avoid the “gendered” look lines, now. There’s also a free space for your hunter’s pronouns. Lastly, to emphasize that you can always add your own option, all the lines now have space to include your own take on that element.

You can find the new playbooks at the Evil Hat MotW resources page. The reinforcements bundle, spooktacular, and files here at Generic Games have already been updated.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about the books already out there in print, so we’ll need to wait until there’s an opportunity to do a reprint with updates before the main rules can be corrected.

In the meantime, here’s a formal erratum for the rules:

The look lines for each hunter are intended to be fun and inclusive. If none of the options works for you, add your own. Please ignore the gendered look lines: these have been superceded. You can get a copy of the updated hunter playbook downloads (from 24th July 2020) for the updated looks.