Hello, I decided it was time for an update about the state of Generic Games (that is, me).

I’ve recently had the opportunity to devote a lot more time to writing games and less to a day job, which is quite exciting. I’ve been getting a lot done and hope to have more releases for you this year.

Here’s what I’m working on now. Hopefully some of this will be of interest to some of you.

  1. XG-ULTRA is a game about a group of bold explorers jumping through portals to other planets and dealing with the problems they find there. It’s a Forged in the Dark game, based mostly off Band of Blades. I’ve been playtesting this through the lockdown here in New Zealand, and it’s been going great (except that I had to learn a lot about playtesting online to get it done).
  2. This Strange Old House and Shared Inheritance are Monster of the Week add-ons. The first is a setting, where the hunters inherit a spooky house and must uncover its secrets and deal with the evil inside it. The second is a team playbook, like a Blades in the Dark crew sheet, for a hunter team drawn together by a legacy. These are intended to go together, but can also be used separately.
  3. Revisions for the Monster of the Week Reinforcements playbooks, to update the layout and bring them in line with my current approach to hunter archetypes.
  4. A solo journalling game, in which you are a lone wanderer on a quest through a far future land. Still writing this one up.
  5. A big update for the early access version of The Natural Philosophers, after another playtest and the associated feedback.

These are on the backburner:

  1. Heavy Metal Æons, the game of heavy metal science fantasy adventures. I need to write up and playtest a major rules change before this can move ahead.
  2. Devil & the Deep, the game of character-focused naval adventure. I’m planning to release a quickstart/beta pack for this.
  3. A new hunter archetype for Monster of the Week, tentatively named the Spooktacular. It’s a hunter with a background in a supernatural travelling show.
  4. A revision and update for Too Many Draculas.

I expect to get back onto Devil & the Deep once the first draft of XG-ULTRA is done, and Heavy Metal Æons after that. The smaller projects will get done when I have gaps in the bigger ones.

Also, here’s where you can buy my games right now: