Tome of Mysteries

Keepers & hunters! It is rumour no more… The Tome of Mysteries has been found and you will be able to acquire your own copy of these ancient secrets in May.

  • 29 ready to go mysteries with a huge range of monsters (and authors).
  • 4 new hunters. The Gumshoe: a hard-boiled PI aware of the unnatural. The Hex: a magician who heedlessly uses dark powers. The Pararomantic: a hunter in love with a monster, which is both helpful and difficult. The Searcher: an eternal student of weirdness, looking for answers.
  • New Alternative Weird moves, in case Use Magic isn’t enough.
  • Weird Phenomenon mysteries, with a puzzle to solve instead of a monster to defeat.
  • Special moves for all hunters, triggering when they use their Luck.
  • Advice from experienced Keepers on a range of topics, including running con games, improvising a mystery on the fly, making your games more gothic, mining pop culture for your mysteries, and more.

Evil Hat Productions have the full details: Tome of Mysteries

If you’d like to chime in, I also have a Twitter thread for the announcement.

And let me also add thanks to all the wonderful contributors who allowed me to put all this stuff together for you, and the great folks at Evil Hat Productions for working with us to get it into print.