This is your periodic update on what’s going on with Generic Games.

  1. The Monster of the Week mystery collection is almost done. The text is 99% ready, next steps are to get it into layout and production after that final 1% is complete. It’s looking really great, with a huge, varied, pile of mysteries and some great play advice. I’ll have more news about this very soon.
  2. I’ve dug up an old pair of Monster of the Week mysteries that I had mostly got ready for release and I’m finishing those up for a PDF release by themselves. It will be a Zombiefest Double Feature. Long time fans will recognise Zombiefest from the original crowdfunding campaign extras, but I’m expanding it a bit and adding Zombiefest 2.
  3. Heavy Metal Æons work continues. I’m building the next full draft, looking at some more of my own playtesting soon, then release of that playtest draft, then onto the full text.
  4. Devil & the Deep is next. The core rules are done, but it needs a long playtest game to check the advancement rules and tweak the sea battles and other hazards more fully.
  5. If you’re in/near Wellington, I’ll be at Confusion on Saturday 4 August, running my games. Come along!

Now, back to finishing up the mystery collection, preparing to move house, and writing my The One Ring plan for Monday. Just a little busy.