Another year coming to an end, and here’s an update on my game projects…

  • Still a bit more work to do on the Monster of the Week Mystery Collection. Not much left to do, but there hasn’t been much time available to get it finished. We should be done early in 2018.
  • A new playtest draft of Heavy Metal Æons will be next up, the rules are there but I need to redo the text for the playtest edition, then get back to the final text.
  • After that, Devil & the Deep. I’m happy with the rules I have but need to test them in a long campaign and check that the longer term character stories work.
  • I’ll be at Kapcon in Wellington, New Zealand in January. If you’re close, come along! I’ll be running the games on demand event there, as usual.

It’s been a pretty tough year for my family, hopefully 2018 will have a bit more flexibility for getting some game projects finished.