Here’s what’s happening in the Generic Games world right now:

  • I’m in the middle of editing mysteries for the Monster of the Week mystery collection. It’s taking longer than I hoped but my priority is quality.
  • The Three Dooms extra advice document is almost done, and that will be freely available when it’s complete.
  • Next up will be a new playtest draft of Heavy Metal Æons and then final text editing and polishing to work towards a kickstarter campaign.
  • On the horizon is a playtest draft for my naval adventure game Devil & the Deep, which I’ve been working towards for 20 years now.

Also of interest, Three Dooms got a mention in a Radio NZ interview, about the state of tabletop games these days. It’s covers the educational Game of Awesome that Morgan was involved in creating, plus Gloom and Route Clearance (a winner of the 200-word RPG contest by another Wellington designer, Andy Millar).