I’m gearing up for the release of my second role playing game, Three Dooms. I’ve just ordered a proof copy of the card deck, which (fingers crossed) will be the final one for release.

Here’s what it’s about:

Three skulls logoTell the story of a stone age community - one of the first towns ever built.

The omens foretell three great dooms are coming. Can the people of your town resist them?

How will the story of your town play out? Will you be remembered in legend, or only known when uncovered by archaeologists in millennia to come?

Three Dooms is a card-driven game in which you will create the history of your town, trace the lineages of townsfolk, draw a map of your town’s region, and play notable townsfolk as they deal with significant events.

Each of you will take turns as the Oracle. When you are the Oracle, you draw and interpret the next event card, then guide the others to resolve it, and finally guide the passage of time until the next event, when the next person takes the Oracle’s mantle.