We want your mysteries! A not-so-secret cabal are going to put together a collection of Monster of the Week mysteries, and we need writers!

It will be a profit share gig, so each piece contributed will earn you a share of ongoing sales.

We’re interested in short (less than 1000 words), creative mysteries that have a cool concept and are easily adaptable to the users’ individual games.

I’ll be including my expanded weirdness rules for games that are more Fringe and X-Files than Supernatural and Buffy, as well, so mysteries that use those would also be appreciated. Get the draft here if you haven’t seen them.

We would also be interested in (in order of desirability) play advice, art, custom moves and other rules variants, and new hunter classes.

If you have ideas for other material, please write up one short sample mystery or other material (up to 500 words) and email it to me at michael.sands@genericgames.co.nz by the 18th of December 2016.

If you have any questions, there’s on comment thread on the G+ version of this announcement https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MichaelSands/posts/3kqVuiqqKh2.