There’s a new playtest draft of Heavy Metal Eons available.

It now includes Juan Ochoa’s illustrations for all the hero archetypes (of which there are a few new ones), and updated systems (especially the fight system).

It’s still pretty raw and untested, but should be ready for a spin. If you’d rather wait for something more polished, there should be a new version in the next two or three weeks after I’ve had a chance to playtest it more (the next is scheduled for Monday).

Playtest warnings:

  • Foe stats are not well tested and might be too feeble or too tough.

  • The initiative system description is very new and might be confusing.

  • In the “Going Out With Glory” section, on hero death, the rules are all for the previous iteration. It should now say:

    “You immediately take the next combat action. Nobody may spend Energy to go first. If you attack, your attack is automatically double-amped, and you may use other abilities that normally cost Energy or Power for free.”