I am currently working on a game inspired by heavy metal songs, especially from the micro-genre of “stoner metal”, which I’ve been listening to a lot of recently. There’s a playtest draft available, but the next one will be a major revision of the system. That’s still good for getting an idea about the style of the game, and you can play it and have fun. The next version should be quite a lot more fun, but it’s probably a week or two away.

After that I want to get back on my white whale game, Devil & the Deep, based on age-of-sail naval adventure novels (Patrick O’Brian, C S Forester, Alexander Kent, etcetera).

Also in the pile are:

  • Three Dooms: dawn of civilisation, see if you can make your community thrive. Rather heavily inspired by The Quiet Year. Originally a very different game chef entry.

  • The Worlds Above & Below: Roleplaying as yourself drawn into a fantasy world. Also originally a game chef entry.

  • I have an almost ready Monster of the Week scenario: Zombiefest 1 & 2. If you backed my original campaign back in 2011 you will have seen the first one. I’ve slightly revised that and added a sequel.

  • Vague thoughts of a Monster of the Week setting book, either focused on bronze and iron age monster hunters, or possibly that and one or two other settings as well.

So, plenty happening but mainly quite slowly - mainly as it’s been a bit hard to find time to arrange playtesting this year. In any case, stuff is happening!

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