This is the Generic Games policy for works compatible with or derivative from my games.

The overall policy is that you should feel free to create something inspired by or compatible with my games, subject to the restrictions below.

Generic Games Third Party Works Policy

Last updated: 27 October 2023.

  1. General Policy
    1. You are allowed to create original works compatible with my texts, for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
    2. This only applies to text written by me (Michael Sands), not any parts of my games created by other people (which includes other authors, artists, layouts).
    3. This does not cover derivative works or translations of a whole text. If that’s what you’d like to do, please get in touch with me directly.
    4. A “derivative work” is any work that uses large amounts of my game text either reproduced directly or with only small changes. (For example, if you want to create a roleplaying game “Alpaca of the Week” in which the group solves a series of Alpaca-based mysteries, based on Monster of the Week, which involves reproducing chunks of the Monster of the Week text without changes).
    5. Do not attempt to present your work as an official Generic Games or Monster of the Week product.
  2. Reproducing Text
    1. You are welcome to quote or use snippets of text that are needed for rules purposes (for example, reproducing the text of a threat type and description in a Monster of the Week mystery).
    2. If you wish to quote a larger piece of text (for example, reproducing some paragraphs of advice for a derivative game) that may or may not be acceptable. Please ask permission directly.
  3. Attribution
    1. For compatible works, please include a note like: “For use with Monster of the Week by Michael Sands.”
    2. For derivative works, please include a note like: “Derived from Monster of the Week by Michael Sands”
  4. Approved Works
    1. There was previously a process to get access to a logo that stated you had Generic Games’ official approval of your work. This is no longer open.
    2. I remain approving of those products that already went through this process and have been granted the approval logo.
  5. Monster of the Week Copyright Notice
    1. If your work is compatible with Monster of the Week, please add the following copyright notice: “Monster of the Week is copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games.”


  • Here’s where to email me with questions about licensing or this policy:
  • If you want to create a mystery or new hunter playbook for Monster of the Week, go ahead! Just include the attribution message (section 3.1) and make sure you follow the policy for reproducing text (section 2).
  • For personal use, do what you like. The policy is for when you want to share your work beyond your own game group.