• Call For Mysteries

    We want your mysteries! A not-so-secret cabal are going to put together a collection of Monster of the Week mysteries, and we need writers!

  • More Weirdness for Monster of the Week

    Now, I should be revising Heavy Metal Æons, but I’ve been procrastinating. That turns out to be good for the Monster of the Week fans. I’ve long thought about how to make the game work a little better for the style where the hunters are investigating weirdness that isn’t necessarily due to a monster (The X-Files, Fringe, and the like).

  • Heavy Metal Æons Spotify Playlist

    I’ve started putting together a Heavy Metal Æons playlist on Spotify. Have a listen if you need to get into the right headspace to play or prepare.

  • New Heavy Metal Æons Playtest Draft

    Heavy Metal Æons has now reached “first draft complete” status and the draft is now with the editor. I’ve put together a new playtest pdf for anyone interested to check out and try.

  • Special Moves for Monster of the Week

    Prompted by a thread on, I’ve put together a list of special moves for all the different hunters. These are moves that happen when you spend a Luck - a few already have these written in, but I didn’t think of adding them to every hunter when I was revising the game.